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HEPA E-Learning

HEPA has developed a series of online learning courses, specifically aimed at procurement. These courses are a great, cost effective way to develop the skills of a central procurement team and staff who are not part of the central team, but who have procurement in their role. 

What do the courses cover?

The 6 courses are:

  1. Introduction to HE procurement - FREE for all HEPA members
  2. Legislative Changes – the Bribery Act
  3. Supplier Due Diligence & Risk Management
  4. Cost Modelling
  5. Spend Analysis - graphs to max/impact findings
  6. Sustainability

To find out more about each one and see some sample images, visit the Course Outlines page.


How much does it cost?

The first course, Introduction to HE Procurement is FREE to all HEPA members. You have the choice of buying any number of the 5 remaining courses, or you can buy them all - if you do buy them all, there is a discounted price, meaning that you get all 6 courses for the price of 4 (£640). Each individual course costs £160. When you sign up, you get a 12 month renewable licence for your institution.

How many people can use it?

This is an institution licence – so once you have signed up, you can give the details to any member of staff who is interested in procurement, so that they can use this great resource.

Has my institution already got a licence?

There is a list at the bottom of this page of all the institutions who have purchased the e-learning licences and the expiry date of that licence. If your institution is listed, then please contact your Head of Procurement to obtain the enrolment keys you need. Then move onto the section below called 'Already have your enrolment keys.'

My institution doesn't have a licence - how do I purchase one?

To buy one or more modules, click here. Once your order has been processed, you will be sent your enrolment keys and a digital welcome pack.

I want to access the free module 'Introduction to HE Procurement' - how do I do that?

It works the same way as the other modules, so you will need an enrolment key. Either contact your Head of Procurement if your institution has a licence, or you can use your HEPA website account to get the enrolment key (so that we can be sure it is only being used by members). If you are not a member click on the REGISTER link at the top right hand corner of this page. Once/if you are a member, click here to get the enrolment key. Then move onto the section below.


How to logon

There are two different ways to logon, depending on the module you are trying to access:


1. For the NEW Sustainability module:

This module uses a different platform to the other 5 modules. There is no need for an enrolment key, just your HEPA website account. If your institution has purchased the Sustainability module, then you will be able to access the module using button below.



2. For the other modules:

  1. Introduction to HE procurement - FREE for all HEPA members
  2. Legislative Changes – the Bribery Act
  3. Supplier Due Diligence & Risk Management
  4. Cost Modelling
  5. Spend Analysis

Already have your enrolment keys?

1. When you have the enrolment keys (which are provided by your central procurement team), you can click on the e-learning button below which will take you to the e-learning site. Follow the instructions on the right hand side of the screen which will help you set up your individual account.

2. Once you have set up your account, you will see the list of available courses. Click on the course that you wish to follow and you will be asked to enter the enrolment key for that course. Once you have done that, you can use the resource as often as you like during the period of the subscription.

Please note: we have recently changed the enrolment keys for the modules as part of the licence renewal process. If your enrolment key does not work, then please contact your central procurement team to obtain the new key. If they do not have the new key, then it is possible that they have not renewed. In this case, please contact to renew.




Institutions already signed up to the online learning

HEI Renewal Date
APUC 06/11/2017
Arts University Bournemouth 31/03/2017
Aston University 31/05/2016
Birmingham City University 31/05/2016
Canterbury Christ Church University 31/05/2016
City University 31/05/2016
Cranfield University 31/05/2016
Durham University 31/03/2017
Edinburgh Napier University 31/05/2016
FX Plus 31/03/2017
Goldsmiths, University of London 31/05/2016
Heriot-Watt University 31/05/2016
Institute of Cancer Research 19/10/2017
Lancaster University 16/10/2017
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine 31/05/2016
London Ambulance Service 31/07/2017
London Business School 31/05/2016
London Metropolitan University 31/05/2016
Loughborough University 31/03/2017
Middlesex University 30/06/2017
Newcastle University 31/07/2017
Plymouth University 31/05/2016
Queen's University Belfast 31/03/2017
Robert Gordon University 31/05/2016
Royal College of Music 31/05/2016
Scotland's Rural College 31/03/2017
St Mary's University College, Belfast 31/05/2016
SUPC 31/05/2016
University Campus Suffolk 31/05/2016
University for the Creative Arts 31/05/2016
University of Aberdeen 31/05/2016
University of Bath 31/03/2017
University of Birmingham 31/05/2016
University of Bristol 01/11/2017
University of Cambridge 31/05/2016
University of Chichester 31/05/2016
University of Dundee 31/05/2016
University of Edinburgh 31/05/2016
University of Exeter 31/05/2016
University of Kent 31/05/2016
University of Leicester 31/07/2017
University of London  31/05/2016
University of Northampton 31/05/2016
University of Oxford 31/05/2016
University of Reading 31/03/2017
University of Salford 31/05/2016
University of Sheffield 31/05/2016
University of Surrey 31/05/2016
University of Ulster 31/05/2016
University of Warwick 31/05/2016
University of Worcester 30/06/2017
University of Wolverhampton 30/09/2017
Writtle College 31/05/2016
York St John University 31/05/2016